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The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is responsible for allowing your mouth to open, close, and move from side to side. You can feel the TMJ by placing two fingers in front of the ears while opening and closing the mouth. TMJ disorder occurs when pain is experienced in this joint and the surrounding muscles.

TMJ Disorder Symptoms

TMJ disorder can present itself in several ways. You may have a TMJ disorder if you experience any of the symptoms listed below. You may experience all, some, or just one of the following:

  • Pain in the facial muscles

  • Pain in the ears or jaw joints

  • Grating, popping, or clicking sounds as mouth opens and closes

  • Difficulty chewing foods

  • Increased headaches or dizziness

  • Pain or ringing of ear, or hearing loss

  • Trouble opening mouth all the way

An oral surgeon can diagnose TMJ disorders and determine the best way to treat the problem. While the cause of TMJ disorders is not always known, it may stem from other conditions, including

  • Arthritis

  • Excessive grinding or clenching of teeth

  • Injury to jaw or surrounding area

  • Displaced or perforated disk in the joint

The first goals of TMJ treatment are to alleviate the pain by relieving the muscle spasm. A pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, or muscle relaxant may be prescribed. Steroids that are applied to the affected area may also be an option. In many cases of TMJ disorder, continuous self-care treatments have proven to be highly effective as part of an overall treatment plan. Some of these at-home treatments include

  • Applying ice and heat

  • Eating foods that are soft and easy to chew

  • Resting your jaw

  • Exercising your jaw

  • Keeping teeth apart when not swallowing or eating

  • Improved posture

The maximum effects of a treatment plan for a TMJ disorder will be experienced over time. Our oral surgeons will work with you to ensure your jaw and surrounding muscles are as comfortable as possible. If you are experiencing any signs of a TMJ disorder, we encourage you to call our offices in Wenatchee and Moses Lake, WA, to meet with one of our oral surgeons for a consultation.

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