Choosing the Right Dentist

Choosing the right dentist is like buying the right pair of hiking shoes – you want the right fit so you can venture countless journeys together. For many, visiting a dentist is not just about getting cavities filled, it’s about finding comfort and forging trust. If you don’t feel safe you’re likely not to return. But discovering confidence and contentment with a dentist will keep you going back. And that’s the key – regular dental visits are an integral part of a healthy, sparkling smile.

Tips to finding a dentist that fits you:

1. Referrals

Picking a dentist from a preferred-provider list is like playing dentist roulette – you’re taking a chance and hoping for the best. However, getting a referral from a friend, family or co-worker is helpful. Someone you already know and trust to recommend someone they already know and trust keeps you from blindly walking into the dental unknown.

2. Online Reviews

One trusting opinion is a good start, but multiple opinions – even from strangers help paint a broader picture. Different things are important to different people. You may find a significant nugget of information nestled in a random review.

3. Education

A dentist that participates in continuing their education and knowledge base is a dentist that strives to provide the best and most current treatments to their patients.

4. What is Important to You

Thoroughly evaluate what matters most to you in a dentist. Do you need a dentist that explains every procedure or do you want one who just gets the job done with no frills? Is the latest in dental technology and a modern facility top on your priority list? Would you prefer a dentist that specializes in general dentistry or one that services a broad spectrum of dental services? Ask yourself questions to get your perfect dentist.