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Metal Free - Ceramic Dental Implants

If you’re missing a tooth, you’re missing an essential part of what makes life rewarding.  A warm smile, a delicious meal with friends, and comfortable teeth add to the quality of your days.  Thanks to dental implant technology, you don’t have to pass up these simple pleasures.  

Since the 1960s, implants have offered one way to replace lost teeth. Rapid innovations in dental materials and techniques now make implants the first-choice to repair gaps in a smile or stabilize loose dentures.  Predictable systems from dozens of manufacturers mean that U.S. dentists will place 500,000 of them this year. 

With a success rate exceeding 95%, that’s a lot of people enjoying life more than ever.


What Is Zirconia?

Most implant components are made from a titanium alloy and often contain small amounts of aluminum, vanadium, and nickel. But today, metal-free options offer exciting alternatives to these traditional systems. Zirconia is a crystal structure that is similar in its hardness to other substances like diamond. It has been used for many years to make tooth-colored crowns and bridges because it is very hard and natural appearing. With advances in dental implant technology it is now possible to make the entire tooth replacement out of this stiff, metal-free Zirconia and not just the crown part.


Why would somebody choose a ceramic instead of a titanium dental implant?

While it is an individual decision, it usually comes down to either 1 or both of these 2 main reasons. 



Our patients who are choosing ceramic dental implants are telling us that they want their tooth replacement to have the look and feel of a natural tooth.



In some cases it is just as important for patients to have the piece of mind that they are using the most biocompatible substance available.


Looking good all the way through

Ceramic dental implants are white just like the color of natural teeth.

A gray colored titanium implant placed under the gums usually looks great because it is buried out of sight under a thick layer of skin and bone to support a white porcelain crown that is attached to the top of it. But when a patient with thin gum tissue gets a traditional implant, sometimes they are able to detect the darkness of the metal shining through the gums. In a smile, this possibility can draw eyes away from the teeth and to the unnaturally grey tissue over the dental implant. That’s not an artistic effect most people want.

Additionally, over the years, it is common for gum tissue to recede around the necks of the teeth with age. A little recession may not be noticeable around a natural-colored root, but receding gums around an implant may result in a grey metal ring between the gums and the tooth crown. The natural color of a zirconia implant blends better with the light colored natural teeth even if there is age related gum recession.

Ceramic implant parts
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Just Like Nature Intended

Dental implants offer exciting possibilities to bring a smile back together. Whether you’re missing one or more than one of your teeth, you don’t have to miss the 24/7 benefits of a full set of teeth that look and feel like the most natural option to restore your smile to date. Titanium’s long history as a biocompatible material makes it a proven traditional choice. But ceramic implants combined with life-like ceramic crowns are ideal for recreating nature and maintaining holistic wellness.

A blend of advanced training, technology, and materials form the backbone of success with implant dentistry. These three components work together to ensure you enjoy years of benefits with proven systems. If you’re considering the best way to restore the confidence and chewing ability of your mouth, there’s an implant solution just for you!


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