3D Scanning


Three-dimensional scanning, or 3D scanning, provides high-quality images of your teeth and jaws. This helps your oral surgeon map out a comprehensive treatment plan for you. Because these images allow your oral surgeon to view your condition from every angle, they can anticipate any issues that may arise, thereby decreasing the chances of unexpected complications. Three-dimensional (3D) scanning is a useful, reliable, and necessary tool that helps you and your oral surgeon determine the right treatment plan for you. Your oral surgeon will perform 3D scans at your consultation appointment if you have not already undergone 3D imaging of your condition elsewhere.

Benefits of 3D Scanning

With 3D scanning, your oral surgeon can view your facial anatomy from every angle, including what is visible on the surface. This visibility helps with determining the ideal course of treatment for oral surgery procedures such as dental implant placement, orthognathic surgery, facial trauma treatment, and more, and leads to benefits such as

  • Decreased risk of surprises or complications during the procedure

  • Comprehensive look at facial structure and condition

  • Less radiation exposure compared to a traditional X-ray

  • Easy to share with your dentist

3D Scans

We want our patients to feel safe, comfortable, and informed at Central Washington Oral & Facial Surgery in Wenatchee, WA, or Moses Lake, WA. Three-dimensional scans allow us to determine the most accurate and detailed treatment plan possible, which decreases the likelihood of unexpected complications during the procedure and increases the chances of a successful and satisfactory result.

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